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I’ve been quite intrigued by artificial intellegence text-to-image art generators lately, and have been experimenting with a few. Most of them are as simple as entering some text or keywords and then selecting a filter or two and the image gets created by the app. But today I was given a chance to test out a new (to me) art generator called IMGCreator, which is an online service provided by ZMO.AI, a China-based startup, with offices in the United States and Canada in addition to China. I’m just getting my feet wet in exploring all of the capabilities of this AI art generator, but one different angle that they provide is what I started with today: one can take an existing image, erase part of it, and then let the AI art generator “extend” or build off of what is there. Let me try to better illustrate this functionality.

I took a famous self portrait painting by Vincent Van Gogh, as you can see below left, and imported it into IMGCreator. Then, as you can see below right, I used their online tools to “erase” the outer parts of the painting, leaving only Van Gogh’s head. At this point, I told IMGCreator that I wanted to see “Van Gogh riding a skateboard,” and if you scroll down, you’ll see what happens next.

The original Van Gogh painting, above left, and a look at the online tools available with IMGCreator.

My first two results, which you can see below, reveal a few first lessons in using this AI art generator. Since I left the size of Van Gogh’s head relatively large (in comparison to the rest of the space in the square box) and right in the middle, it didn’t leave IMGCreator much room to improvise as far as extending this head into a new image. It added some brushstrokes and skateboarding imagery, but wasn’t quite the result I was looking for, so I made some changes and tried again. Scroll down to see my 2nd attempt.

AI art showing Van Gogh with a skateboard
My first results using the IMGCreator AI art generator service, with Van Gogh becoming a skateboarder.

This time, I reduced the size of Van Gogh’s head and moved it out of the center, over to the left and up a little bit. As you can see below, this gave IMGCreator a lot more space to create full-body views of Vincent Van Gogh doing his thing on a skateboard. I like these a lot better and they are more like what I was hoping to see. It goes to show that while artificial intelligence creates the image, the user’s inputs and the way the user sets it up makes a big difference in what the final result looks like. I like that the user gets to have more control in this way, but still with the excitement of having no idea what the AI art generator will do until the results come up. It’s pretty fun and certainly very addicting to start playing with the various features and exploring what all one can do with IMGCreator.

Van Gogh on a skateboard, AI generated art
Two more AI-generated art images of Van Gogh riding a skateboard, using the IMGCreator art app.

These are just four examples of what I did on my first go-around with IMGCreator today, but I have more and other interesting experiments and creations that I made today which I will share here on the blog soon. I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can do with it, I feel like I’m barely scratching the surface. If you’re interested in testing it yourself, they have a free introduction to the service, but also “starter,” “basic” and “pro” versions that are available – check out their various plans here.